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Jiyugaoka official character
Whiprun Special Site
Recruitment of costume operation!
About Whiprun!
Whipped cream fairy! A bright, slightly clumsy girl whose trademark is the bright red flowers on her head.
My specialty is making sweets, and I can make any kind of sweets! My favorite foods are wormwood Daifuku and sweet macaroons. Sometimes it's easy to get fat.
I love the lively place ❤️
He is a good friend of his younger brother, Whiprun-kun.
Whiprun-chan's younger brother, a solid and diligent boy. The cock hat on the head is a trademark!
I'm good at cleaning and washing, and I'm also good at golf ...
My favorite food is ice cream.
He likes to explore Jiyugaoka and is familiar with hideaway shops.
Click to see the activity photo and Whiprun's message ♪
Whiprun SNS
\Large recruitment!!/
Whiprun Illustration
We are looking for illustrations of Whiprun!!
How to post
On SNS (Twitter or Instagram)
Post an illustration image with "# Whiprun Art".

* When posting, it is considered that you have consented to the precautions .

I'm waiting for everyone's post!
You may receive a message from Whiprun for a nice post ☆
Your idea on SNS
Maybe it will be sent to Whiprun !?
#Whiprun Challenge
"I want you to try Whiprun!"
"I want to see this kind of Whiprun!"
We are looking for initiatives that we want Whiprun to do on SNS!
Maybe everyone's ideas will be posted on SNS ...? !!
Application method
On SNS (Twitter or Instagram)
Tweet or post with " # Whiprun Challenge ".

* When posting, it is considered that you have consented to the precautions .

Would you like to call me in your city?
As a Meguro-ku tourism ambassador and Jiyugaoka official sweets character, I will go to your district to improve the tourist image of Jiyugaoka and Meguro-ku and to attract more customers!
* We cannot respond to all dispatch requests because the Whiprun Division will decide whether or not to go to Whiprun's play depending on the schedule and the content of the dispatch.
* We do not rent out costumes only, assuming that the costumes of Whiprun and the staff will be dispatched.
Inquiries / Quotations
Select start time
Select start time
Operating time

After confirming the contents of your request, we will contact you again from the management.

Contact Us
If you would like to dispatch a whiprun costume, please use the inquiry form and apply at least one month before the dispatch date .
* During times when there are many events, dispatch requests may be concentrated and we may not be able to meet your request, so please contact us in advance.
Basic charge
25,000 yen per body
* You may be required to bear the actual expenses such as transportation expenses and costume transportation expenses.
(The standard is to perform several times within 5 hours of restraint time and about 20 minutes)
Inquiries about Whiprun
Management source Whiprun Division
Contact Us
For inquiries about Whiprun, please email us.
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