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Asahi Point

Asahi Point

You can save 10pt and use it for purchasing goods.
Get a 500 yen OFF coupon!

● How to earn points

❶ First time only! Shop card additional benefit 2pt
Please read the QR code for adding a shop card above with your smartphone camera. Now, when you add your first card, you get 2pt free!


❷ Earn 2 points every time you purchase merchandise!
When you come to collect money for sales items, the visiting ASA staff will give you 2 points.
Even if you use the shop card for the first time, such as when making a product purchase, you will automatically receive 2pt additional shop card benefits.
4pt will be given for the first time!


● Can be used with paper type point cards!
The LINE shop card can be used together with the paper-type point card included in the ASA Jiyugaoka product catalog.

However, points can only be awarded for paper type or LINE shop cards. Please note that accumulated points cannot be combined, so we recommend that you present the person who has accumulated more points.

● Precautions

Points may be awarded and coupons may only be used within the following scope.

Newspaper subscription fees (monthly/single copy purchases) and book purchases are not eligible. Please note.

Customer appreciation project (product sales/services) / Local support project (product sales) / ASA Toku Online Store / Other product sales services

Coupons can be used together.

If you have multiple issued coupons, you can combine them and use them. (Example: 500 yen OFF x 2 coupons = 1,000 yen OFF) *Coupons have no expiry date.

Points can be earned and coupons can be used for purchases from the ASA Toku online store.

If you paid with a credit card, please present the coupon when the merchandise is delivered and we will refund the amount used for the coupon.

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