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Notation based on the Delivery and Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Regarding delivery

Delivery is directly from our store or the seller.

After shipping, we will send you a shipping notification email along with a tracking number. If your delivery address is within our delivery area, there will be no tracking number as we will deliver the item to you. Please note.

Shipping time

It varies depending on the product.

We usually ship within 2 to 5 days after receiving your order.

Please check the product page for details.

Delivery time

Next day to 4 days after shipment

*Delays may occur depending on weather, road, and traffic conditions.

Delivery company

Post office (Click Post) / Delivery by our staff


Seicho Trading Co., Ltd. (Asahi Shimbun ASA Jiyugaoka)

Representative responsible person

Toshikazu Sasaki


2-23-13 Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0034

Telephone number

03-3717-5957 (9:00-19:00)



Selling price

The price is stated on the introduction page of each product.

Necessary charges other than the product price

free shipping

*Some shipping charges may apply. Please check the product page.

Payment method and timing

Credit card / Debit card / Offline payment (cash on delivery, collection, on-site) *Limited to delivery areas where our staff can deliver directly / Newspaper subscription fee and lump sum billing

About returns/exchanges/cancellations

We generally do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations after shipping.

Returns or exchanges are only possible if the product is defective, so please contact us. Please contact us within 8 days of receiving the product.

Return shipping

If the product is defective, we will pay for it. Please send it by cash on delivery.
Any other charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

About area limited products

Our store (Asahi Shimbun ASA Jiyugaoka) aims to be a community-based newspaper store.
We will inform the local residents of the sales plan that will be inserted into the customer who subscribes to the newspaper from our store. Applicable products are defined as "area-limited products".

Anyone who lives (including the delivery address) in the [Delivery Area] can place an order. Please pay attention to the area when ordering.

*If the delivery address is not in the following areas, we may charge a separate shipping fee.


[ Delivery area ]

● Meguro-ku, Tokyo (Jiyugaoka, Midorigaoka, Nakane, Tairamachi, Yakumo, Kakinokizaka, Higashigaoka, Ookayama, South)

● Ota Ward, Tokyo (Kitasenzoku)

● Setagaya Ward, Tokyo (Okusawa)

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