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Registration procedure 

Please follow the steps below to register.

  • (Important) Depending on your email reception settings, you may not be able to receive the password reset email. Please make sure that you can receive emails from "" before proceeding.

  • If you want to change your registered email address, please follow these steps.

  • ​Select an image to enlarge it.

1. Select [My Page] from the menu at the bottom of the screen
  • Please search for "ASA Toku Magazine" in your browser (internet screen) in advance to access the ASA Toku Magazine homepage.

  • If you are using a computer, select [Login] at the top right of the screen.

2. Select [New Registration]
  • When the login screen is displayed, select [New registration].

3. Enter the required information in the new registration form
  • Once you register as a member, your registration for e-mail newsletter distribution will be completed. If you wish to cancel distribution, please complete the cancellation procedure here after registering.

  • Please enter numbers and alphabets in half-width characters.

  • After submitting, you will receive a registration completion email.

  • We may require you to verify your email address. If you have spam settings, we recommend that you allow reception from "" before sending.

  • Please enter the registrant's address. Rewards cannot be delivered to anyone other than the recipient. Please note.

  • ​New registration gifts are only available for first-time registration. Even if you select a gift, it will not be delivered if you are currently registered.

4. Enter the verification code sent by email
  • A verification code will be sent to your registered email address. Subject "ASA得マガジン(お得をデリバリー) Verification Code"

  • When you enter the authentication code, new registration is completed and you will receive a registration completion email. 

  • For those who choose the special gift, the gift will be delivered in about a week. (post mailing)

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