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Precautions regarding SNS posting / application

Please be sure to check

  1. Please refrain from posting unless the copyright belongs to the poster.

  2. Please be sure to read the notes. By posting, you agree to the "Notes / Disclaimers".


  1. You can post as many points as you like.

  2. The contributor agrees that the posted images / videos and the posted content will be used free of charge by "J Spirit Whiprun Division" and "ASA Jiyugaoka" (hereinafter, "administrator"). (When publishing on the official website or SNS of the sponsorship and operation.)

  3. Anything that contains slander, anything that is offensive to public order and morals, or something that is judged to be unsuitable for the purpose is invalid. In addition, the administrator may ask you to cancel the post. (When an unwanted video is posted or mischievous with the same hashtag)

  4. Administrators may ask you to cancel a post if it turns out to be fraudulent or infringe on the rights of a third party.

  5. The administrator may suspend or discontinue the operation of SNS for unavoidable reasons.


  1. The administrator is not responsible for any damages to the poster himself or a third party caused by the images / videos posted by the poster or the information shown at the time of posting.

  2. If there is a person in the image / video, or if there is a dispute between the administrator and that person, the administrator is not responsible for it, and the poster is responsible for resolving it. will do.

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