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The payment method for this product is "credit card only".


If you choose payment other than credit card, your order will be cancelled.


If you are a subscriber of ASA Jiyugaoka and want to pay by cash, please place your order by phone, email, or fax.




Our store (Asahi Shimbun ASA Jiyugaoka) aims to be a community-based newspaper store!




Insertion date: Friday, November 4th


Order period: Friday, November 25th deadline


Delivery date: Delivery will be delivered nationwide from December 21st to 28th by courier (frozen).


*Excluding Okinawa and remote islands *Specific date and time cannot be accepted




Thank you so much for all the happy news that you look forward to every year and support the producers!


Happy new year with lucky charms. We will do our best to deliver first-class products so that everyone can enjoy the precious time of New Year and New Year from the bottom of our hearts.


Please look forward to it again this year.




① King crab seafood lucky bag 8 points


18,300 yen (including tax and shipping)




②12 snow crab lucky bags


15,900 (including tax and shipping)




③Hair crab seafood lucky bag 10 points


15,900 (including tax and shipping)




④Hokkaido Kuroge Wagyu Beef


Only those who purchase the lucky bag at the same time can purchase it.


3,500 yen (including tax and shipping)






Distributor (Contact for product inquiries)


Kando Ichiba Co., Ltd.


2-3-1-9F, Odori Higashi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-0041


TEL: 0120-332-552 9:30-18:00 Closed on Sundays and public holidays


PriceFrom ¥3,500
Sales Tax Included |
  • Friday, November 25th

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