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AERA November 14, 2022

List price: 440 yen (tax included)

Cover: Mao Asada Figure skater

Release date: November 7, 2022

November 14, 2022 issue


115 immersive books

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary with "books" / Koji Mukai Lesson / Mao Asada "Go beyond limits"

Introductory feature

115 immersive books



Entering the world of long autumn nights and books

A reading experience that will make you forget your daily life

[Minami Kaho] My other self starts to move / [Ugaki Misato] A pleasant experience that can be verbalized / [Morioka Morioka] "Ghost Story" is a love letter

[Yukou Fumizuki] The feeling of being betrayed is comfortable / [Tsunehiro Uno] People live with contradictions


knowledgeable person

9 genres of books to know the world of another dimension

[Novel] Selected by novelist Rio Shimamoto "A work that takes you to an extraordinary life" / "The Tale of Genji" "The Story of Your Life"

[History] A book that allows you to travel back in time / "Hisada" / "Hagun no Hoshi" to learn about human work in the capital of Nara, which was hit by smallpox

[Science] You can also read it in "Dobunkei" / "Tortoise shells are ribs" to realize yourself as a living creature / "Dinosaur covered"

[Trip to foreign countries] [Escape money] [Illustrated book] [Travel diary] [Ghost story/Yokai] [Shoujo manga]


front line

Encounter with the most comfortable book Thoroughly discerning reading experience


Yen depreciation nearing peak

Historical levels of yen depreciation and high prices/Price trends are opposite to those in the 1990s/Reversal with more than 30% deviation from the average line


Three options for defense against inflation Households under pressure due to high prices



Solicited by “circle camouflage” at university struggling with former Unification Church

It is difficult to realize that it is a cult once you have a relationship / Increasing cases of singing SDGs



The future of China under the “Xi Jinping one-strong regime”

Interview with Former Ambassador to China, Uichiro Niwa / Attitudes towards "Taiwan" and "North Korea" / Reasons why he did not become "Party Chairman"


medical care

"Omicron" next mainstream is his XBB, BQ.1 substrains in the world



An incandescent camera lesson taught by Koji Mukai

Mr. Shuichi Maiyama is a teacher / A photo of a sunlight-like studio / "Isn't a natural smile rare?" (Mukai)



Shinobu Terashima talks about Jakucho Setouchi

Love Can't Be Judged by Anyone / Love Partner Etsushi Toyokawa is an Actor Who Can Understand Each Other's Hearts



Mao Asada “Going Beyond Limits”

Thoughts on the ice show "BEYOND" / Leading the team as chairman / "I was lonely when I was a player"



Yoshio Inoue "It's fun when no one knows what's going to happen"

Entering the unique worldview of "KERA MAP" / Feeling the preciousness of being on stage more than ever


Shoma Uno is "dignified" Yoshio Miura is "growth"

Japanese athletes in action at Skate Canada / World champion ``confirmed his ability'' / Miura grows fast



Soccer World Cup member selection Daichi Kamata's through pass is the key



Background of the Itaewon crowd accident Again sacrificed by disregard for safety



Reiwa edition barter creates new value


imperial family

The imperial family in the SNS era hopes to break away from ignoring cancer

Kei Komuro's bashing continues even after he passed / Prince Akishino's "extraterritoriality" / Doubts about the seriousness of the Imperial Household Agency's SNS transmission



Kohei Matsushita Junin and Color Guest Chidori Nobu

"What was your first impression (of Daigo)?"

person on the cover

Mao Asada figure skater


modern portrait

Nahomi Edamoto Cooking Researcher/Sachiko Utashiro

AERA note

Editor-in-Chief Respect

Popular serialization

eyes Shochu Jiang/Hiroki Higashi

Ellie Omiya's reunion of the University of Tokyo

Guest: Takako Zenba

Masaru Sato's practice news cram school

Takemasu Sadanobu's Convenience Store 100 Liter Road

Recommended by Keiko Kojima!

Atashin Chi Her Kera Eiko

working couple relationship

Cinema x SDGs


aera reading club

Review by Kotaro Kondo

"Future sports

let's talk

of sports philosophy

New Frontier”

this person's book

Kazuto Hongo

Kisho Tenketsu Amahiko Sato

Shiitake Counseling Room at 3pm

Masayuki Oki's cat of the week

Emiko Inagaki's Afro Pictorial

god of work

I met you the other day of Jane Sue Season 2




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AERA November 14, 2022

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