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Monthly JuniorAERA March 2022 issue

List price: 499 yen (tax included)
Release Date: February 15, 2022
March 2022 issue 


Fulfill a dream! Money lesson

Kiyoshi Isshiki's "Isshiki Immediate"

Arrested second-year high school student on suspicion of attempted murder in front of the University of Tokyo

News of Princess Fundara

I want to know the news 6th wave Omicron stock How to overcome

Statistics fraud discovered by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism What is the problem?

What is the Children's and Family Affairs Agency that will be newly established in 2023?

Yuzuru Hanyu Thoughts on winning the Olympics for the third time in a row
Sexy Zone Q & A Station

【Final episode】

Challenge "The University of Tokyo Quiz King" !! Mystery Solving Quiz Knock

Special Feature Money lessons to make your dreams come true

Dr. Manga Korigori Wild Pitch Station

Hello Work in the AI era Future work guidance Communication inventor

Special interview

Mayu Matsuoka

Sports prank! [Final] Winter Ori Para

Children Earth Navi Maldivian Girl

Peep detective goes !! Pencil factory reader's page Juniste

Two-frame manga de A, So, Senryu classroom Konayami counseling room Science Junior Ella

James Webb Space Telescope has started!

Historical person ON STAGE [Final]

Shigenobu Okuma, Takashi Hara, Shigeru Yoshida, Hayato Ikeda

Seasonal food restaurant


News issue

Problems related to "history of money"

JuniorAERA test

Prefectural battle

January News Read with Dr. Corrigori

Pakkun's ready-to-use funny English

月刊 ジュニアエラ 2022年9月号

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