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Weekly Asahi April 15, 2022 increase issue

List price: 470 yen (tax included)
Cover: Takumi Kitamura Release Date: April 5, 2022
  April 15, 2022 increase issue 


The day when "nuclear missiles" are deployed

Ranking of successful applicants by high school at the University of Tokyo / Kyoto University / Beware of "spring heat" / Takumi Kitamura The three non-nuclear principles that lie are the least necessary in this era

The day when the "Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Missile" is deployed in Japan

The reason why "nuclear sharing" is unrealistic / "Don't bring it in" and become "two non-nuclear principles" !?

Advance replacement of Omicron strains

Is it the beginning of the new corona "7th wave"?

Ukraine learned from the invasion of Georgia

Russia's strategy was predicting

If you think "somehow dull ...", maybe "spring heat"?

Spring mental illness improvement technique

The feet of fans who are constantly on the statue of "Ain" in front of the local Higashimurayama station

Ken Shimura's third anniversary

I asked Eiji Shima of The Wild Ones

Nostalgic GS stars enter video distribution one after another

Takumi Kitamura

Gravure cover person front + special

It's like a spring breeze


Lie words are the least needed in this era

Interview with Keiko Higuchi Machiko Hasegawa's work is full of "lucky bags of life"

Visit the series "100th Anniversary Company"

Fuji Baking "In the age of bread" after seeing the procession in the rice riots

Cannes Grand Prix "A Hero's Proof"

Farhadi's "Suspense is born from ordinary everyday life"

Commemorating the visualization of the legendary stage "Sakurahime Azuma Bun"

Bando Tamasaburo Special Interview

Did you see "East Wind"? A documentary distribution company with 5 employees (above)

Wide special feature Aho to see in the dancing Aho?

The origin of this is "Awa Odori" to Tokushima Mayor recall signature suspected of forgery

How much does "free rice" cost? The size of the disposition of the SDF who ate curry Shohei Ohtani's Angels is expected to be highly evaluated by the Japanese team this year as early as next year !?

2022 University Entrance Exam

University Successful High School Ranking (6)

Nationwide 2369 High School Definitive Edition List of Number of Successful Students at Major Universities

The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Former Imperial University, Soukei Joshi, MARCH, Sekiseki Tatetsu ...

University of Tokyo / Kyoto University Passer Real Name Questionnaire (2)

I asked 612 people from the University of Tokyo

Who is the celebrity you admire from the University of Tokyo? / What do you want to achieve at university? / The average daily usage time of smartphones is

Through a lens called gravure Junichi Okada
Irreplaceable time as V6 Serialized once a month Doctor Nekomaki (Musework)
Don Konishi's cool fashion check [Academy Awards ceremony]
Take a rest with Tamiko Kuroda's house knob Weekly Asahi Caricature School Superb view Sanpo serial novel Hiroyuki Kurokawa Evil rebellion

Takeshi Shiota Unprecedented Quiet Dialogue Mariko Hayashi Guest Collection Actor Teppei Koike

Ryotaro Shiba Lecture Record Reprint About Russia

This person's week (124)

Actor Takeshi Masu

"Eye Kiki" & "Ear Kiki"
Cinema [A Hero]]
I don't know what manga daddy is Keisuke Yamashina

Column Tadanori Yokoo Shin-Old Man's Naisho Story Soichiro Tahara Girondo Shigeaki Koga Sin and Punishment of Government Property Makiko Uchidate Hiji Tetsu Ikegaya Yuji Patekator's Mannobu Yuji Muroi Ichinosuke Shumputei Oh, I know it well I'm sorry.
Hiroshi Nobue RADIO PA PA
Akiko Shimoju's crush is Mitz Mangrove idol!
Mihoko Yamada Dressing room trend Mono Catherine Ayako Lazy TV Ryoichi Otsutsu Nice aging recommendation Kozaburo Arashiyama Sadao Tokaibayashi I want to eat that too Shigeki Maruyama Maruchan's barely fairway Osamu Higashio Sometimes beanball Yasushi I still want to ride

The person who wrote the library "Motoki Kobayashi"
This week's book "Miracle"
Yukari Onsui Minako Saito / Takeshi Kamewada and other medical doctors teach the latest treatments for Japanese illnesses

Blurred / tired eyes (2) Treatment

Dog idiot Cat idiot Pet idiot puzzle DE Brain power measurement [cut into squares / reading skeleton]
◆ "Mitsuaki Iwago's" Cat of the Week "" will be closed. This issue is a special price because it is an increase issue ◆ The next issue (April 22 increase issue, special price 470 yen) will be released on April 12 (Tuesday). Release date varies depending on some regions

週刊朝日 2022年9月23-30日合併号

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